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Indigo Rose Tomatoes in my Garden

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I don’t even know where this plant came from in my garden…but it is thriving and very unique!  Since I know nothing about it, I researched it online. I found out it was bred specifically to be high in antioxidants at Oregon State University. Supposedly, I will know when it is ripe because the deep ultra purple color will turn a rusty purple color and it will be soft, just like any other ripe tomato. The color inside should be red and the flavor hasn’t been mentioned as any thing special. More to come in a few weeks!

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My Homegrown Organic Heirloom Tomatoes Make Me Fat & Happy

Homegrown organic (very important!!!) tomato with mayonnaise: hold the bread!

I’ve been a card-carrying vegetarian since I was 18. Ok, there have been a few exceptions (meals at moms-would never argue about home cooking!) and there was that beef relapse while living in Minneapolis in the 90′s. Aside from that, I’ve been pretty green and leafy for the longer (unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you view healthy eating) part of my life. I’ve also spent a similar amount of time honing my “garden skills” as a Golf Course Superintendent (27 years). Suffice to say, I like to grow plants, I believe it is the healthiest way to eat  and I have tons of experience at both.

Homegrown organic (very important!!!) tomatoes with Velveeta and lots of salt...

Interestingly enough I have found plenty of ways to counter act all this healthy eating from my very own organic garden! Not only do I layer the salt and the mayo, I’ve gone way back into my childhood and melted the Velveeta on my favorite fruits! Geeze how low can I go? Velveeta even defies food groups. So…thanks to cheese, salt and mayo I’m a few pounds heavier this September but very, very happy…By the way this years favorite heirloom variety?  Thanks to Goose Cove Gardens) is “Aunt Ginnys Purple” an heirloom beefsteak variety of German descent. One tomato (large, meaty, flavorful) is a meal in itself  – just add salt and mayo, naturally :~) And now you know how I got fat and happy eating my organically grown, heirloom tomatoes!



Goose Cove Gardens…the calm before the storm, I mean spring!

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I love to grow things (flowers, vegatables, turfgrass) and will take every opportunity to be surrounded by green things. One of my favorite places (any season) to visit on Cape Ann is Goose Cove Gardens on Gee Ave. in Gloucester.  Barbara and Hilary Dombrowski the owners, operators, founders, ceo, cfo, brains, brawn, field hands…you name it (!) exude their passion for growing plants organically every time I visit.  We have had many a conversation over the fabulous qualities of our locally produced fish fertilizer, Neptunes Harvest to Barbaras own Goose Cove Gardens’ compost tea for plants. This very early spring I paid them a visit and Barbara gave me a tour of just some of what goes on at Goose Cove Gardens long before people like you and I show up to get our annual supply of flowers and vegetables.  When Goose Cove Gardens opens on Saturday, April 16, 2011 the efforts of all their planning and work will be on display for all.  How ever, if you would like a sneak preview…

Snow farm?

Gloucester DPW has their work cut out for them this year getting rid of the snow. It’s the end of January and we’ve had 8 storms of 6 inches or more, 50 or 60 inches??? (I’m guessing!) And they have to put it somewhere. Up until a few years ago, conventional wisdom said it was OK to dump it in the ocean. (Remember it was OK to change your oil and dump it in the storm drain? WHAT were we thinking?!?!) The plowed snow is almost as dirty: it’s full of oil, trash and “street debris” so it definitely should NOT be dumped on the beach and in the ocean. So, it’s stored at Stage Fort Park, where it melts until May. Yup. May. And then DPW sweeps up the debris and none of it goes floating out to sea. That works. Leave a comment if you know of another Farm like ours!

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The China Study in Gloucester MA

Well, I just read the book and now feel like every time I eat any “animal based protein” I’m poisoning myself. Colin Campbell’s The China Study is full of testing evidence: on rats, mice and people. And it’s all spread out over more than 30 years. His story is compelling and really seems to make sense.

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Tree huggin’ dirt worshipper …

That’s me. And I REALLY like the Whole Foods Market blog and website. Great ideas, recipes, etc. The latest post talks about all the trash we create during the holidays and ways to cut down on some of it. Giving reusable gift bags like the one shown is a terrific idea. Put the gift in the bag, then the bag can be used again to carry “whatever”. Brilliant.

Home Energy Audit – So Worth My Time

We had a home energy audit done recently. We learned a lot about our house. Josh, the auditor, checked the exterior walls for insulation. He drills a hole then probes with a wire. I knew most of our walls that were insulated, but he was able to calculate how much was left to do. He checked the water heater and the furnace for the combustion and CO level. We changed all the light bulbs in the house. So for example, instead of each light bulb using 75 watts of juice, it would now be using 15 watts of juice. The exchange of light bulbs was a $300 value in itself! More importantly, Josh is passionate about using energy wisely. I learned how big screen TV’s (unless they are LED) use tons of power, even when they are not turned on! I also learned about a great bathroom fan, that can act as an air exchanger for our whole house. It is in our energy companys’ best interest for us to conserve power, because it is so costly for them to upgrade/expand the regional/national power grid. Hence, they partner up with a non profit organization (Conservation Services Group) to support this service. They also offer no interest loans up to $15,000 (7 years) to take advantage of replacing the “worn out parts” of our house (old windows, furnaces, appliances, increasing insulation) that are costing us more money then we need to spend on power. It all starts with an energy audit, so call 1-866-527-7283, ( and do your self an energy favor.