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What is a “Walk Score” ?

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Walk score is becoming a new way that people evaluate a property’s location. It is a value from 1 to 100 and the higher the number the more conveniences or things there are to do within about a 15 minute stroll 0r a quarter mile. More and more people have come to value the healthy aspects of walking as exercise. Dogs which require frequent walking have become a bigger part of family and singles (!) lifestyle.  Americans are happily parking their cars, saving money by not purchasing gas and supporting small neighborhood businesses that are in their own neighborhood. As more and more people return to an urban setting  or a neighborhood style of living, local business creativity is booming especially in the eateries and coffee shop arenas. It is no secret that commuting is no fun, drinking and driving is not an option and most of us would prefer to remain in our own towns or neighborhoods. The more people interact with each other and become familiar with their neighbors the safer and more pleasant an area becomes! Passers by and acquaintances become friends. Nods become smiles. and before you know it a street or 2 or 3 is a neighborhood full of familiar faces! If  this sounds like something you value when you home hunt be sure and evaluate the “walk score” as you consider, location, location, location!

Walk score can be found for any (?) address in America at It is also included in the information that provides on their website.

Avalanche in Salem MA!

YouTube Preview ImageHeading “ova the bridge” for a fall shopping trip I went to the new location (24 Front St., Salem MA) of an old favorite, Avalanche. I “found” (through a word of mouth tip) this old favorite years ago when they were located in their own factory where they manufactured what they sold, in Lynn. Originally Avalanche specialized in “fleece wear” clothes but over the years have branched out to many high tech athletic performance fabrics in their clothes. The “outlet” store in Lynn sold samples and over runs from production for yes…famous name brands! The good news is even though their location has changed the prices haven’t and even better they have expanded their product line from strictly out door wear to indoor wear (men, women’s & children), including some really unique indoor kids clothes! Oh yeah and don’t forget the chic dog collars either! Being perpetually cold it seems,  this is a “must go” stop for me and my holiday shopping. Nearly forgot to mention, the “owners” actually work in the store and the customer service is excellent – what a nice change from big box shopping :) Love supporting small business owners!