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59 Western Ave has a Gloucester harbor view!

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Ever dream of living on the Boulevard in Gloucester? Having water views 365 days out of the year? Having lots of fun & events at your doorstep? The Fiesta events, the Parade of Sails, the July 4th parade, the Christmas parade all happening at your door step…no need to make plans to attend, you are already there! Walk across the street to Pavilion Beach, sit by the water side, launch your kayak or search for sea glass. Tired of the non stop water view and boat activity? Walk to Stage Fort Park, let your kids or grand kids play at the playground and your dog(s) run free at the dog park. Hungry? Some of the best restaurants in town are all in walking distance. In one direction is the Causeway and in the other direction head for The Franklin Cafe, Passports, Latitude 43 or Cafe Bishco to name a very few :) Walk to both cinemas in town, the train station, the synagogue & churches. Park your car and enjoy the daily pleasures of life in Gloucester served up at your doorstep each & every day, with a harbor view! Think this Gloucester lifestyle sounds like fun?

This two family house is in the middle of renovations, the second floor unit being more complete then the first. Both units are two bedrooms and two baths.The property asks for someone with vision and creativity, who loves a water view!  Take a peek at this opportunity


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Sea Smoke in Gloucester MA? What is Sea Smoke?

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“Sea Smoke” is the “fog” one sees rising from the ocean when the air is much colder then the water. It is very difficult to photograph due to its transient, hazy properties. It is most common at sunrise, usually the coldest period of the evening. As the sunlight warms the air the temperature, the temperature difference between the air and water tends to moderate and the wafting, steamy quality of this event disappears.

Wikipedia describes the phenomena in the following manner: Evaporation from exposed water surface depends upon its vapor pressure. If the water temperature is greater than that of the nearby air, the evaporation continues faster than the air can absorb the water vapor, even though the cool air’s relative humidity is 100%. This further evaporates immediately and re-condenses as visible fog, which rises up in convective currents.The conditions required for such fog formation include not only low surface temperature but also a preexisting surface inversion of temperature to inhibit the rapid development of instability.

Not only is Sea Smoke difficult to capture on film it is downright eerie in person and an accurate predictor of one cold morning here in Gloucester!!!


Waterview Homes in Gloucester MA 01930

Waterview homes  in Gloucester come in all varieties: open ocean (coveted by many), harbor views, working waterfront, Annisquam River, Boston skyline, Cranes beach, Wingaersheek beach, Jones River, Lanes cove, Lobster Cove, Smiths Cove, Cripple Creek Cove, Coffins beach and northerly to Maine and  New Hampshire. There is a new waterview listing which is unique in many ways- 29 Fort Square, Gloucester MA.

It is unique in the fact that it offers so many varieties of water views from its singularly spectacular location. It sits on a peninsula facing south with views in every direction. This means that sunrises and sunsets can both be seen from this property. The water views that can be found at this location are many: open ocean, Boston skyline, up the  Annisquam River and working waterfront all from one vantage point. The lot size is small (2,740 sf) and the home has not changed hands since 1963. Assessed at $440,700 and priced to reflect the value of a 360 degree water view in Gloucester MA homes at $2.4 million, one thing can be assured:the taxes will be changing after this sale!