Game changing? (No REALLY!) Real Estate app for your iPhone, iPad & Droid (soon)

As a full time real estate agent who loves real estate technology I’m always interested in the latest “shiny” new app. This one is not yet perfect and not yet released for Droids, but boy is it cool!!! Called, “Homesnap” it is a real estate app for the iPhone or iPad. It is still “touchy” and may take a few tries to get the correct information, but wait until you hear what it does! The app, takes a picture of the home (for sale or not for sale) and then downloads onto your device the public information (from the town) available about the home, (haven’t tried it with commercial buildings). If it is “For Sale”, it gives the listing information. How cool is this? One photo and you can find out price (if listed), # of bed rooms, lot size and general assessor information.

YouTube Preview Image

Some of the technology being used is based on an “AVM” or automatic valuation formula. AVM is what Zillow is using when displaying their famous or infamous “Zestimates“. It is a formula which gives a home value sight unseen. Is it accurate?…well not always. AVM’s tend to be much more accurate in parts of the country where the  home construction is more “cookie cutter” then here in the Northeast, which is full of varying types and ages of home construction.

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Anyway…back to Homesnap. This app is the fastest way I know to get information about homes as one is traveling and spots a home that you find interesting or attractive in your home search. No more remembering an address or a company. Just take a picture with your phone and voila you are empowered with all the available listing information. Check it out and let me know if you find it useful. Of course it is free :)

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