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March Madness 2013 in Real Estate

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It’s no secret at a certain price point ( under $400k)  in many Essex county communities (Gloucester, Rockport, Beverly, Danvers, Salem, Essex, Ipswich and Peabody), buying a home  has become quite  competitive.  Purchasing real estate in 2013 has its own  level of “March Madness“. There are 20, 40 or 60+ people viewing well priced properties at open house(s). There are multiple offers and yes people are paying above asking price. Every house? No, just  homes priced appropriately for their age, condition, location and size. Buyers are not offering crazy amounts of money because we all know at the end of the day it must appraise, since most purchases are contingent on buyers receiving a mortgage.

So what will tip the scales in the favor of your offer being accepted, if you are a buyer ? There are four practices I use with consistent success when I know there is a  chance that there will be multiple offers.

1) View the house and make the offer ASAP. The early bird gets the worm. Yes it may be inconvenient and you may have to cancel a previous appointment to go view a house. Sorry, this is  about getting the house you want, not living a balanced life.

2) Offer asking price at a minimum. If you know potentially there will be multiple offers, forget about “stealing” a property. You like the house, you want it, now get it! Offer above asking to a level your agent or lender feels it will appraise at (and you are pre approved for).

3) Have your agent write the “magic letter”. People like to do business with people they know and like. Share with the buyers how much you like their house. Compliment them about their decorating or cleanliness. Find out what is motivating the sellers to sell and speak to that. Be real and be personal. Don’t laugh this works, I have had several clients achieve their home in a competitive situation because the sellers felt like they knew them and liked them after reading the “magic letter”.

4) Last but not least, always ask the sellers agent for a final and last opportunity to submit a final bid if there are multiple offers. Don’t assume that the list agent will automatically give everyone a chance to rebid; they may not. If a buyer does not want to offer more, they don’t have to, but at least they have the opportunity to make up their own mind about their final bid.

The “other” March Madness? All the way with Syracuse for me!



59 Western Ave has a Gloucester harbor view!

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Ever dream of living on the Boulevard in Gloucester? Having water views 365 days out of the year? Having lots of fun & events at your doorstep? The Fiesta events, the Parade of Sails, the July 4th parade, the Christmas parade all happening at your door step…no need to make plans to attend, you are already there! Walk across the street to Pavilion Beach, sit by the water side, launch your kayak or search for sea glass. Tired of the non stop water view and boat activity? Walk to Stage Fort Park, let your kids or grand kids play at the playground and your dog(s) run free at the dog park. Hungry? Some of the best restaurants in town are all in walking distance. In one direction is the Causeway and in the other direction head for The Franklin Cafe, Passports, Latitude 43 or Cafe Bishco to name a very few :) Walk to both cinemas in town, the train station, the synagogue & churches. Park your car and enjoy the daily pleasures of life in Gloucester served up at your doorstep each & every day, with a harbor view! Think this Gloucester lifestyle sounds like fun?

This two family house is in the middle of renovations, the second floor unit being more complete then the first. Both units are two bedrooms and two baths.The property asks for someone with vision and creativity, who loves a water view!  Take a peek at this opportunity


Pick of the Litter Wednesdays!

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East Gloucester Cultural District Approved by the City Council!

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Karen Ristuben describes the East Gloucester Ma 01930 Cultural District concept, boundaries and purpose in the Gloucester Ma arts community.

Greasy Pole at Fiesta

We caught some video Saturday afternoon: Gloucester’s unique Greasy Pole contest.

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How NOT to stage a house for sale …

I just came from an open house here in Gloucester. Nice property, expensive, great ocean views. But someone forgot to tell the seller that a huge “no no” is displaying any of the following:
  • Clowns
  • Dolls
  • Shrunken heads
  • Stuffed game, birds or pets
  • Guns
  • Any clown, doll, shrunken head or stuffed animal HOLDING a gun.

If you’re selling, it’s a good idea to hire an agent that uses a professional stager. Then take the stager’s advice and remove the things that could turn off a potential buyer. In this market, you can’t afford to offend anyone.

Flag’s up!

I love it when the big flag goes up on the Boulevard. Means “no more snow”. Does anybody know who put’s it up? Is it the city?

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Goose Cove Gardens…the calm before the storm, I mean spring!

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I love to grow things (flowers, vegatables, turfgrass) and will take every opportunity to be surrounded by green things. One of my favorite places (any season) to visit on Cape Ann is Goose Cove Gardens on Gee Ave. in Gloucester.  Barbara and Hilary Dombrowski the owners, operators, founders, ceo, cfo, brains, brawn, field hands…you name it (!) exude their passion for growing plants organically every time I visit.  We have had many a conversation over the fabulous qualities of our locally produced fish fertilizer, Neptunes Harvest to Barbaras own Goose Cove Gardens’ compost tea for plants. This very early spring I paid them a visit and Barbara gave me a tour of just some of what goes on at Goose Cove Gardens long before people like you and I show up to get our annual supply of flowers and vegetables.  When Goose Cove Gardens opens on Saturday, April 16, 2011 the efforts of all their planning and work will be on display for all.  How ever, if you would like a sneak preview…

Gloucester snow farm update and litter rant

So the snow is almost gone. Stagefort Park will soon have it’s parking lot back. If you really want to appreciate how much litter is plowed up with the snow, get up there this week before DPW cleans it up. This crap almost ended up in the ocean. And don’t we FISH in that ocean? Isn’t it important to keep it CLEAN!!!???

Hold on a minute. I feel a rant coming on. I can’t believe how much crap people throw on the ground. And I’ve got to assume most of this is thrown out car windows. . Makes me sick to see all the plastic, cigarette butts, wrappers, empty nips, coffee cups, water bottles, paper bags, plastic bags with dog shit in them, spoons, ice cream cups, and I could go on and on. It’s disgusting. And so preventable. HAVE SOME PRIDE IN YOUR COMMUNITY. USE A TRASH BARREL.

BTW Newell Stadium is just as bad. Does anyone bother to tell the high school kids not to throw their trash on the ground? Or is THAT too much bother, too? End of rant.

For those of you that don’t litter, Mother Nature and I thank you.

Snow farm?

Gloucester DPW has their work cut out for them this year getting rid of the snow. It’s the end of January and we’ve had 8 storms of 6 inches or more, 50 or 60 inches??? (I’m guessing!) And they have to put it somewhere. Up until a few years ago, conventional wisdom said it was OK to dump it in the ocean. (Remember it was OK to change your oil and dump it in the storm drain? WHAT were we thinking?!?!) The plowed snow is almost as dirty: it’s full of oil, trash and “street debris” so it definitely should NOT be dumped on the beach and in the ocean. So, it’s stored at Stage Fort Park, where it melts until May. Yup. May. And then DPW sweeps up the debris and none of it goes floating out to sea. That works. Leave a comment if you know of another Farm like ours!

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